Virtual T-Buddy™

 Your virtual T-Buddy is there to talk to you over video chat!  We realize that sometimes its better to see who you are speaking to!  With your virtual T-Buddy™ you can schedule a 30 minute appointment to speak with your T-Buddy 

Text T-Buddy™

 Are you on the go?  Not quite comfortable speaking to someone face to face? The Text  T-Buddy™ is just for you!  Texting your  T-Buddy™  will be a breeze and you can still receive the emotional support or friend that you need. 

Phone T-Buddy™

 Like to keep it old school? Well the Phone  T-Buddy™ is the right choice for you!  You can schedule a 30 minute appointment where you can speak with your  T-Buddy™.  Whether you need advice or just want to talk, we've got you! 

In Person T-Buddy™

 Do you prefer to talk in person?  Have you ever wanted someone to accompany you to your appointments?  Do you feel afraid traveling or attending appointments alone? An In-Person T-Buddy™ is just for you!  You can schedule a time for you and your T-Buddy ™ to meet up! 

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